We understand that it is not easy to stand out and follow your dreams in our culture however you are not alone! That is why we created Mega Success Expo, to show you that others have jumped out of the aeroplane, doing something outside the norm and improving their lives and businesses rapidly.

Mega Success Expo brings speakers from around the globe to show you the very latest business knowledge. We offer business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and those who want to start a business to meet, learn together, keep up with the opportunities of today’s business world and keep up-to-date with their business knowledge. We invite established and already successful business people, coaches and speakers who are credible in what they do and are ready to pass on their knowledge. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to meet the speakers and ask business questions.

At Mega Success Expo, we believe that lifelong development is vital and we can always learn new things from successful and experienced experts. We know that there are many successful Eastern European companies that could be world famous but have not had the opportunity yet to make further progress or find a platform where they have the opportunity to learn, or perhaps have not met with the solutions that could increase their business to a higher level. In addition to the development, we also provide opportunity to introduce the attendees’ companies.

Mega Success Expo believes in opportunities and not in excuses. If you want to attend the next event, take action now and secure your spot: Next MEGA SUCCESS EXPO

Mega Success Expo is the place where the participant’s business knowledge is expanded and it is also possible to get acquainted with like-minded people. Our goal is to create an environment where we learn about each other, exchange experiences, gain new business information, create new business opportunities and create partnerships.


Every year we have 2 full day events, 1 day every 6 months, where you meet at least 4 different speakers talking about 4 different segments of the business world. Some of the topics we cover: marketing, branding, systems and processes, emotional intelligence, social media, business growth strategies and pricing strategies.


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